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DKG Infrared Thermometer

DKG Infrared Thermometer – Digital Wholesale

Maximum Purchase:100 units
Multi-function Digital Infrared Thermometer

This device does the job, whether it is for checking for fever on an adult or a infant.
Easy to use, no need for contact with human skin when using device.

FDA Approved, item classified as “medical infrared thermometer”.

Package includes:

– 1 multi-function digital thermometer
– FREE batteries (complementary)

We will include one set of batteries as complementary item so you can use the device as soon as you receive it.

Keep it somewhere safe because if you have it near any kids, they may want to play with it, possibly dropping it which may damage or break the device.

This item is final sale, only in the case device does not work then we will provide a return label and full refund for the item.
Any issues must be made within TWO days from receiving the item.

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